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DISCOVER how Knee Decompression, Medical Lasers & The Matrix Device ELIMINATE knee pain and restore activities like kneeling, walking + climbing stairs

Advanced Analysis:  Learn to IDENTIFY the problem using brand new Digital X-ray & MRI scanning technology and then REGROW your cartilage!

Cutting Edge: 
EMBRACE our *Brand New* 2023 Technology for RAPID healing and results. It is FDA cleared and Research PROVEN

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We welcome Dr. Steve Novelli and Dr. Brian Burns, LEADERS in the world of non-surgical treatment options. They have a combined 30+ years of experience and have PERSONALLY performed over 250,000 Patient Treatments

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Novelli Wellness Center
3045 Southwestern Blvd Suite 108, Orchard Park, NY 14127

Here's How Our Treatments Help Relieve Your Knee Pain
Chronic Knee Pain is the result of the degeneration of cartilage in the knee. This cartilage serves as a cushion between the joints as the knee moves. Pain comes from the joints rubbing together and can slowly get worse.

​Is it possible to regenerate degenerated cartilage in the knee? 
Yes, the medical community is in agreement. Some of the more common treatment options are pain medications, steroid injections, and even Knee Replacement Surgery. However, these treatment options do not address the underlying cause of knee pain. Oftentimes, it can make it worse.

​The Solution? Natural Treatment Options that completely avoid invasive and medicated treatment methods. Many of our patients have found relief because we address the underlying cause of each patient's pain.

Our Treatments Are Great For:

-Swelling and Stiffness
​-Redness and Warmth
​-Weakness and Instability
-​Popping and Crunching Noises
-​Inability to Fully Straighten the Knee


Located Within the Very 
Prestigious and 5*Star

Novelli Wellness Center
3045 Southwestern Blvd Suite 108, Orchard Park, NY 14127
(716) 222-KNEE
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